"Buddhist philosophical texts are very deep and profound.  In order to understand them, thorough study is required.
Therefore, the establishment of a nuns' college is very important".     His Holiness Sakya Trizin  26/09/2009 


This beautiful premises was offered by Venerable Khenpo Gyatso (previous principal of Sakya College,
presently private tutor to His Eminence Dhungsey Asanga Rinpoche) in 2009 to be used
as a Buddhist educational institute of higher learning to the nuns.


On the Board

His Holiness the Sakya Trizin
Venerable Khenpo Gyatso
Abbot: Venerable Khenpo Jampa Khedup
Principal: Acharya Ani Dechen Wangmo
It takes 10 years for nuns to be trained to become qualified Dharma teachers (equivalent of female Khenpo) for the
next generation. The first batch of nuns who enrolled in year 2009 are now in their sixth year in college.
More Information about Sakya College for Nun or otherwise known as Tsechen Shed-Dub Santem Phuntsok Ling 
is available on Melody of Dharma Vol 9, page 4.

Happy LOSAR 2016! May all beings be joyous! 

Date: 1 Feb 2016


What a year for 2015! These are the highlights: 

Our nuns at the Vajrayogini Centre for Meditation, Kathmandu, experienced two earthquakes (March and June 2015) of relatively massive scale. Their premises was quite badly affected after the second earthquake. While restorations were going on, all the nuns (80 of them) left for Kalimpong, India to receive the Lamdre teachings.

At Sakya Thrinley Choling (nunnery for young nuns), Leh-Ladakh, the young nuns were blessed with a visit by His Holiness 41st Sakya Trizin in July 2015. They were overjoyed by his presence.

At the main nunnery, Sakya Rinchen Choling at Dekyiling, the nuns were kept busy with all the Tara Pujas and other requests and daily practices and performing prayers for H.E. Luding Khenchen's (senior) 85th birthday celebrations. 40 nuns from here went to Kalimpong to receive the Lamdre. 

Together with nuns from Sakya College for Nuns, the nuns from all the three nunneries also attended the 24th Annual Sakya Monlam in Lumbini in December 2015, to pray for world peace and harmony.

Tiibetan Losar 2016 falls on 9 Feb. Our nuns at the main nunnery will observe the fasting rituals (Nyung-Ney) before that. During the last week of Losar (6 March 2016), they will perform the 17th Annual 100, 000 Tara Pujas / Praises for physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all beings. We hope you can join us once again for the first cycle of this annual 100, 000 Tara Pujas. May all be very well and happy!






About 160 Sakya nuns from Sakya Rinchen Choling, Dekyiling (India), Sakya College for Nuns, Manduwala (India)

and Vajrayogini Centre for Meditation, Kathmandu, Nepal with the Jetsunmas taking the Lamdre (Oct - Dec 2015) at

Sakya Kalimpong Monastery, India.

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