Online  donations or prayer requests to Sakya Nunnery or College for the Nun can be made via the Donation buttons on Sachen Foundation's website. You can put in your request in the message field.


Words of Appreciation and Thank You to all Friends and Sponsors

Being a non-profit organisation, Sakya nunnery with her sister nunneries and Sakya College for Nuns rely on gifts and sponsorship for support.

One can either offer gifts of education / food or sponsor pujas. The main puja performed daily by the nuns is Tara Puja. Sponsors can also request for other prayers and pujas. The main categories of sponsorships we seek are pujas and food sponsorships for the nunneries (via Main Nunnery) and educational support for Sakya College for Nuns.

Each gift is deeply appreciated by the nuns and every gesture to assist the nuns continue the path of dharma for the sake of all sentient beings is of immeasurable merit and benefit.


Sponsorship and Gifting Program

Sakya Nunnery's Food Fund




Sakya College for Nuns' Educational Fund




By this merit, may all who suffer in body or mind, experience instead a vast ocean of pure joy and happiness.

May all beings in the ten directions be happy! May they ever be free from pain. May they live in accord with

the spirit of Dharma (of not harming others) and find all their hopes and aspirations fulfilled.