The nuns lead a rigorous life of study, contemplation and work as practice. Every day, the nuns start the day by performing Tara puja at 6:00AM. The student nuns then continue the rest of the day with the learning of Buddhist ritual, scriptures, English, Hindi and Tibetan.

On auspicious dates, the nuns recite special prayers.  On the 14th and 29th of the Lunar calendar, the nuns perform the extensive Mahakala ritual; on the 10th and 25th of the Lunar month they celebrate the Vajrayogini tsog; on Buddha Purnima day and other special anniversary dates, the Sakya lineage prayers, sixteen Arhat puja and Guru Yoga practices are done. Additional pujas are also conducted regularly on request by devotees, the lay community and sponsors for their loved ones who may be sick, for removal of obstacles in one's life, or for fulfilling other objectives.

The highlight of the nuns' activities is the accumulation of 100,000 of the Twenty-one Praises to Tara during the performance of Tara pujas which spans several consecutive days of intensive marathon conducted several times a year. During every March, this special prayer activity is held specially for the benefit of the sponsors, with the vast merit accumulated dedicated to all sentient beings. To learn more about Tara and the benefits of practising Tara, click here.

In order for the nuns to continue with their lifelong devotion to the Buddha Dharma, your generosity and help is greatly needed. Please consider helping us by making a donation.