The ordained sangha is crucial in upholding the authentic teachings of the Buddha to ensure that the Buddha Dharma continue to remain with us for many generations to come. The ability for these noble sangha to carry on this meritorious work relies upon the staunch and generous support of donors. Please contribute today and donate regularly to this worthwhile cause. Each gift is deeply appreciated by the nuns and every gesture to assist the nuns continue the path of dharma for the sake of all sentient beings is of immeasurable merit and benefit.


The nuns live on simple vegetarian meals. It costs less than US$2 a day to feed, educate and pay for a nun's living expenses, or US$700 per year; a gift of US$60 will provide for a nun for one month. Specific contributions can also be made towards the nuns' medical fund for them to see a doctor and receive medical treatment when they fall ill, offering towards educational costs such as text purchases, teachers expenses, classroom materials, food, etc. For contribution information, please select the respective nunnery's support page you wish to donate to.


Prayers Requests

An important part of a nun's vocation is to conduct prayers and help those in need spiritually and in their daily lives. When sponsors send their prayer requests to Sakya nunnery together with their donation, the contribution goes towards supporting the expenses incurred by the nuns. Support the nuns' work by sponsoring prayers and pujas. Online prayer requests to Sakya Nunnery can be made on Sachen Foundation's website. The Sachen Foundation supports monks and nuns, Sakya nunnery is one of the institutions it supports. Go to Sachen Foundation donation page [click here], write in the notes field that the donation is for Sakya nunnery, the specific prayer requested and name of person the prayer is dedicated to, the prayer request will be transmitted to the nunnery for arrangement of the prayer.


By this merit, may all who suffer in body or mind, experience instead a vast ocean of pure joy and happiness.

May all beings in the ten directions be happy! May they ever be free from pain. May they live in accord with the spirit of Dharma (of not harming others) and find all their hopes and aspirations fulfilled.