In 2010, a separate nunnery for younger nuns was established for more effective training of the nuns as the age gap in the main nunnery was too wide. There are about 40 young nuns altogether and their age range from between 6 to 14 years old. In addition to basic Buddhist teachings and prayers, they are taught Tibetan, Hindi and English.

Some of them will proceed to either Sakya Rinchen Choling or Vajrayogini Centre for Meditation to continue their training; others may study at the Sakya College for Nuns; A few will enroll in Tibetan Medical Institute to be health-care providers. As with each generation, they are the core group in practising and spreading the Buddha-Dharma. Taking care of them is a full-time task for the teachers and administrators alike. May they be blessed to continue the path to pray for all sentient beings.

* Sakya Rinchen Choeling and Sakya Thrinley Choling are affiliated sharing the same religious order and lineage. However, they are independently managed where the respective nunneries are registered societies with their own governmental and financial reporting.